This Weekend Oct 19-20

Saturday: ‘Women, Welfare and Poverty’ An anti-poverty week forum.

‘Women, as a group, are over-represented in statistcs for poverty. Why is this? What makes women more vulnerable to poverty and hardship? The organisations of SIMPLA (Stop Income Management in Playford), SPAG (Single Parents Action Group) and the SAFC (South Australian Feminist Collective) will be holding a forum exploring poverty and welfare issues that specifically affect women.’

2 til 4PM Saturday October 18, Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur St, Unley.

Sunday: The next Black Swan reading group will be the third of four readings on the Spanish Revolution – ‘Spain 1936-39: Revolution and Civil War’.

The text we are reading is here.

We will have copies of the text and will be reading it out loud and discussing it on the day, so you do not need to read it beforehand.

Anyone is welcome. 2 til 4PM Sunday October 20, Mad Mouse Alley, behind 129 Currie St (enter off Light Square).

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