Anarchist FAQ

Follow this link to the Anarchist FAQ, a comprehensive guide to anarchist ideas and history.

The UK anarchist union initiative Solidarity Federation have an excellent online self-education course, ‘A History of Anarcho-Syndicalism’. We encourage anyone interested in anarchism to read it or organise reading groups based on it. Especially useful units are the ones on the origins of capitalism (Unit 1); the First International (Unit 3); the Industrial Workers of the World (Unit 8); the Russian revolution (Unit 11-12); the Spanish revolution (Unit 15-18); and the decline of social-democracy (Unit 20).

We also have a mini bookshop of books and pamphlets for sale.


2 thoughts on “Anarchist FAQ

  1. Hi Harry,

    The bookshop is just a pop-up shop. So you will see it at rallies and events, but it has no permanent location.


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